Why Is It A Good Idea To Get Your ASP Net Site Hosted Locally Rather Than With International Hostin

After spending a significant amount of time and resources on developing an ASP.net site, using an international hosting company, instead of hosting it locally on your own server, is just like owning a Ferrari, but using kerosene oil to run it. In this article, we will analyze various hosting options available and find out that why hosting your own local in-house server is a better idea than outsourcing your hosting needs to other companies. We will consider uptime priority, security, customization and flexibility and cost parameters to compare these two hosting options.

Uptime Priority:

First and the most important thing is priority for the uptime of your website or web application. As there are thousands of websites that are hosted by the international hosting and for them your site is just one among many. So despite promising a 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24 X 7 supports it simply isn’t practically possible for them to always resolve your issues on priority basis. While when it comes to your local in-house server, it’s always on the top priority, and everything is always in your control. For those of you have some experience of managing servers, they will understand that no matter how diligently you

Why A Good Forex News Service Is Critical If You Are An Fx Trader

If you are an FX trader, then keeping in front of economic announcements and events is important.

The problem is two-fold, how does one get access to the same info that the professionals have accessibility to and how do you sieve through all of the information that’s ceaselessly being released to get specific forex news?

There isn’t any lack of info providers and platforms out there….in fact, the choice can be quite discouraging.

The problem with almost all these services is that the standard news feeds contain information across the whole range of financial markets. As an example, you’ll get company trading updates and announcements, updates about stockmarkets around the globe instance .

This implies that you’ve got to spend your time fixed to your personal computer screen, trying to sieve through all of these headlines for nuggets that have relevancy to the forex markets.

Some platform service suppliers will let you filter the news by topic. This is obviously a help but still means you’ve got to remain fixed to your screens, watching.

OK, so many of us have a reporting service like CNBC on, or even Bloomberg. The difficulty now is one of repeated distraction and interference. It’s extremely simple to get distracted by

What Is The Real Difference Between Ranging And Trending Markets

What is the real difference between Ranging and Trending markets?
In general, there are two basic types of market conditions. A Ranging Market or a Trending Market, as defined by the type of price movements currently taking place.
It is of the utmost importance to have a firm grasp on the basic differences of each market, especially when using automated trading software such as a forex robot or expert advisor (EA). Being able to determine whether you are in a ranging or a trending market may literally be the difference between your success or failure in trading.
Typically, a trading strategy is designed to work within one type of market condition. The opposite market will provide false signals, as such, it is very important to tell when market conditions have changed so that trading strategies may be changed as well. It is important to note, some of the best expert advisors can detect and adjust to changing market conditions automatically. That is something you should look for when comparing forex robots.


A Ranging market is simply when the price is moving up and down, staying between support and resistance levels. How much the price can move within a range can vary

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What Do Cigarettes Contain Evolution Of Cigarettes

Tobacco is being used for centuries across the world. Tobacco plan has been in cultivation since the 17th century in America and it is used widely in various forms for different purposes. However, the smoking tobacco is the roll of leaves in fine paper and this is done mostly by hand.

Knowing the history, cigarettes were first rolled by a man, Washington Duke from North Carolina in 1865 and were sold by him for good profit to others. This is how cigarettes began to get its origin and shape.

Emergence of Cigarette Company:

Later in 1883, a machine was invented by James Bonsack to roll cigarettes. Using the machine thousands of cigarettes was produced in just one day and the company was later developed as American Tobacco Company. This was the first company to produce tobacco product, cigarettes in large scale.

This mechanized cigarette production increased smoking among people and made cigarettes accessible to a huge number of people and tempted them to smoke. At the same time, the premade cigarettes were also made available for those who wanted to roll cigarettes and tobacco on their own. This type of product was also made available in packs of various quantities.

Emergence of Packaged Cigarettes:

Later in

Was Jesse Livermore A Better Trader Than W.d. Gann

Jesse Livermore is known to several as the ultimate speculator Wall Street has ever heard about, rivaling perhaps even Gann. Livermore is said to have engaged in all the most significant stock and commodities moves from 1910 to 1940. He needed to be doing something right to only have survived financially for three decades.

Livermore should be an excellent model for today’s computer futures trader. In the Livermore era there was no tv, no computers, and no online world. Even if were able to afford to pay a staff to chart stocks and commodities you would not have had 24×7 immediate access to financial data to keep those stock charts up to the minute. Any successful stock trading system that could withstand the test of time had to use easily accessible data, be easy to understand, and be simple to apply. Modern technical analysis tools like stochastics and the elliott wave oscillator were not possible.

His strategy was based on a trend following system. Livermore only took positions in the direction of the major trend. He opened up his position with a minor stake and added onto it as the trend persisted in its expected direction. Jesse Livermore asserted “Just recognize that

URBAN GROOVES MUSIC IN ZIMBABWE A case study of how American music influences other cultures and identities



In Zimbabwe music has always held a special place among the people. Zimbabwean music is always intertwined with the country’s political history. During the war of liberation, Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU) launched its own private radio station called Voice of Zimbabwe, which broadcasted from Maputo, Mozambique. The party’s choirs used to sing militant songs, which were, broadcasted on the station as a moral-booster for the guerilla fighters and their peasant supporters. Music became part of the liberation war strategy2. Even after independence in 1980 many of the choirs continued to sing and record many political songs like Zvinozibwa ne Zanu and Taireva by the ZANU Choir.

Other musicians of the liberation struggle era include the likes of Thomas Mapfumo whose fame rose around 1967. Mapfumo blended traditional Shona mbira music with Western instruments and a political message with traditional metaphors. During the 1960s he used to sing very militant political songs, which were very popular among the people fighting for independence. According to Turino (2000:174), -..Some of the music was used to generate an emotional force which nationalism required-. This formed the basis for nationalist discourse.

When a musical fad called urban grooves hit the Zimbabwean market

Understanding The Professional White Van Man

The phrase “white van man” has become a staple of our vernacular, but unfortunately, negative stereotypes may still exist in spite of the professionalism required to gain a foothold in the competitive world of courier jobs. It’s time to address the issue once and for all and put an end to the inaccurate portrayal of the white van man.

Popularisation of the Term

Those in the know in the transportation industry must have been dismayed when they heard Radio 2 DJ Sarah Kennedy refer disparagingly to “white van men”, back in 1997. It didn’t take long for the term to catch on and be used as an all-embracing reference to people who earned a living doing deliveries and courier jobs. The Sunday Times published a prophetic article entitled “Number is up for white van men” in reference to the inevitable decline in the availability of employment for dedicated drivers. However, happily, their prediction has been proved completely wrong.

Road Safety

Research conducted by the RAC has revealed that a far higher proportion of cars than vans or lorries are involved in serious accidents each year in UK roads. Far from being reckless and irresponsible, it appears that those who drive for a living are,