URBAN GROOVES MUSIC IN ZIMBABWE A case study of how American music influences other cultures and identities



In Zimbabwe music has always held a special place among the people. Zimbabwean music is always intertwined with the country’s political history. During the war of liberation, Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU) launched its own private radio station called Voice of Zimbabwe, which broadcasted from Maputo, Mozambique. The party’s choirs used to sing militant songs, which were, broadcasted on the station as a moral-booster for the guerilla fighters and their peasant supporters. Music became part of the liberation war strategy2. Even after independence in 1980 many of the choirs continued to sing and record many political songs like Zvinozibwa ne Zanu and Taireva by the ZANU Choir.

Other musicians of the liberation struggle era include the likes of Thomas Mapfumo whose fame rose around 1967. Mapfumo blended traditional Shona mbira music with Western instruments and a political message with traditional metaphors. During the 1960s he used to sing very militant political songs, which were very popular among the people fighting for independence. According to Turino (2000:174), -..Some of the music was used to generate an emotional force which nationalism required-. This formed the basis for nationalist discourse.

When a musical fad called urban grooves hit the Zimbabwean market

Understanding The Professional White Van Man

The phrase “white van man” has become a staple of our vernacular, but unfortunately, negative stereotypes may still exist in spite of the professionalism required to gain a foothold in the competitive world of courier jobs. It’s time to address the issue once and for all and put an end to the inaccurate portrayal of the white van man.

Popularisation of the Term

Those in the know in the transportation industry must have been dismayed when they heard Radio 2 DJ Sarah Kennedy refer disparagingly to “white van men”, back in 1997. It didn’t take long for the term to catch on and be used as an all-embracing reference to people who earned a living doing deliveries and courier jobs. The Sunday Times published a prophetic article entitled “Number is up for white van men” in reference to the inevitable decline in the availability of employment for dedicated drivers. However, happily, their prediction has been proved completely wrong.

Road Safety

Research conducted by the RAC has revealed that a far higher proportion of cars than vans or lorries are involved in serious accidents each year in UK roads. Far from being reckless and irresponsible, it appears that those who drive for a living are,

Trends In The Currency Markets – How To Stay On The Right Side

People approach forex trading from many different angles. Some like to look for overbought and oversold markets to try and trade price reversals, whilst others look for potential breakouts. However the most profitable trading strategies are generally those that trade with the overall trend. So let me provide you with 5 indicators that will help indicate the current trend.


The first indicator is the MACD indicator. This is widely used amongst forex traders and is one of the most popular. You can use this indicator to highlight the current trend because if the actual MACD line is above 0 the pair is in an upward trend, and vice versa if it is below 0.

2. RSI

Another indicator you can use is the RSI indicator, short for Relative Strength Index. A lot of people use this indicator to find overbought or oversold pairs, but it is just as useful for identifying the current trend because if it is above 50 it is trending upwards, and if it is below 50 it is trending downwards.

3. Stochastics

The Stochastics indicator can be used in a similar way. The 50 level is again the critical level and is the difference between an upward trending market and

Traits All Successful Futures Traders Have In Common

The best futures traders know how to make a profit no matter what condition the market is in. And while traders come from all different backgrounds, there are certain traits the successful ones posses. Here are 4 of them.

Trait #1 The Ability to Think for Themselves

Great futures traders are independent thinkers. They look at whats going on in the world, the markets and several other factors before making a trading decision. When things aren’t going so well, they never panic. Instead, they try to figure out a new path to profits.

They never get caught up in greed. They make all of their decisions based on sound research. Because they aren’t the type to move based on what the crowd is doing, they are almost always in a position to profit at the right time.

Trait #2 Strong Analysts

The best futures traders understand both technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Being a strong analyst makes it easier for you to spot profitable trading opportunities. That’s why it is so important you take the time to learn as much as you can about the various forms of analysis. Doing so will make you a better trader.

Chances are you view this as an enormous task.

Trade In Nifty Future Intraday For Making Sure Profit

Over the years the Indian traders have realized that profiting in the nifty future trading is one of the best bet. However it is quite experienced that many day traders never make any success in nifty intraday trade. Learning little simplest technique can make some one a winner in the nifty intraday trading. I am going to narrate one most important and the simplest principle and trick for nifty intraday traders.

Understand the volatility. This is the parameter which will give you the most likely move the nifty future can swing in a day. In this case the term swing means high and low difference in a day. Then the next question is how to find the volatility. In my book on Futures and options I have given the simplest method to find the volatility using the logarithmic mathematical procedure. If you do not have the book or you do not wish to calculate the volatility then the other procedure left out is refer the daily volatility column given in the NSE site against the Nifty future f &o quote section. You may get a figure 1.23 for 9th October 2009 price quote in the bottom of the page. In other


Dubai, UAE (October 22, 2013) – EcoPoly Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce they have entered into an agreement with Kaukawala General Trading FZC as distributor of their Oxo-biodegradable additives in the UAE. In April, 2013 EcoPoly Solutions was the proud recipient of a certificate of conformity by the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA). The certificate is for compliance to Standard UAE S. 5009:2009 -Standard & Specification for Oxo-Biodegradation of Plastic Bags and Other Disposable Plastic Objects-. This approval allowed EcoPoly Solutions to supply their OxoElite line Oxo-biodegradable additives in the United Arab Emirates and use the prescribed symbols by ESMA to mark the products as being oxo-biodegradable.

In October 2009, the UAE commenced a progressive ban on plastic bags and other plastic products that are not Oxo-biodegradable. Products within the scope of this ban, whether locally produced or imported, require them to be produced or distributed by a supplier certified by ESMA. EcoPoly Solutions Director of Sales, Stephen Arsenault, said -We are excited by the opportunity to work with Kaukawala as our distributor and look forward to continued supply of our quality degradable raw materials to the UAE market. We have all of the confidence Kaukawala will work

Earn Profits From Your Investments By Trading In Forex

Trading in forex or foreign exchange market is done through currencies. One currency is traded against the other. Profit or loss is measured with respect to the fluctuations in the price of one currency against the other.

Investments made in foreign exchange trading are considered to be extremely profitable because their supply and demand fundamentals are more predictable due to their macro-economic nature. Till 1995, this form of trading was only open to the multinational corporations and banks. However, the growth of Internet and the availability of trading resources have allowed general investors to invest here.

Unlike stock or share markets, foreign exchange trading is conducted electronically. There is no central location from where the trading is controlled. This makes it possible for anyone from any part of the world to trade round the clock, for five and a half days a week. Forex market is considered to be the most liquid and largest financial markets.

Of course, this is not too difficult to understand considering the importance the currency trading has in international financial scenario. According to a report published not too long ago, an average of U.S. $2,000 billion is traded per day. Investments are made and trade occurs through a